Adjudication Information Management System

Transforming clinical trial adjudication with AIMS: streamlined, compliant, and efficient

Are you tired of grappling with complex and time-consuming clinical trial adjudication processes? Look no further than WCG’s AIMS (Adjudication Information Management System) platform – the industry-leading solution designed to revolutionize the way medical experts review and assess pre-packaged clinical trial event data. With AIMS, you can seamlessly navigate the entire adjudication workflow while ensuring compliance with CFR PART 11 regulations.

Discover efficiency at your fingertips

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of AIMS. Our platform simplifies the source collection process, empowering global medical experts, CRAs, sponsors, and vendors with the tools they need to review and assess data effortlessly. From source submission and record review to integrated translations and data correction requests, AIMS ensures a seamless workflow throughout the adjudication lifecycle.

Unleash the power of AIMS features

Real-time reporting capabilities

Access up-to-the-minute reports and insights to stay informed and make informed decisions promptly.

21 CFR Part 11 regulatory compliance

Rest assured knowing that AIMS® is fully compliant, with a complete audit trail and built-in validation to meet regulatory standards.

Built-in DICOM imaging viewer and reader

Visualize and analyze medical images directly within the platform for comprehensive assessment.

Built-in redaction tools

Safeguard sensitive information with ease, thanks to AIMS’ powerful redaction tools.

Permission-based controls

Maintain control over data access and ensure confidentiality with customizable permission settings.

Video-based training with certificates

Empower users with comprehensive training resources, including video tutorials and certificates.

Intuitive workflows and helpful queues

Simplify tasks and enhance accuracy with intuitive workflows and queues that guide users every step of the way.

Secure source document upload

Share and manage documents securely within the platform, streamlining collaboration and enhancing data integrity.

Integrated translation workflows

Seamlessly translate content within the platform, eliminating the need for external tools and streamlining global collaboration.

Unlock the potential for sites, CRAs, and members

AIMS isn’t just about efficiency for adjudicators – it empowers every stakeholder in the process:

Sites and CRAs

Enjoy easy source reporting, intuitive workflows, real-time reporting, and comprehensive tools such as built-in redaction and imaging features.


Experience automated and randomized case distribution, a customizable dashboard, split-screen voting, and system-generated reports to enhance collaboration and decision-making.


Gain real-time access to the adjudication system, including view-only access, upload capabilities, and detailed reports, allowing for enhanced oversight and faster turnaround times.

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Ready to revolutionize your clinical trial adjudication process? Embrace the power of AIMS and unlock unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and collaboration.

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Experience the Future of Clinical Trial Adjudication with AIMS.