Participant Identification

Optimize internal and external referral sources to efficiently identify participants that meet your study's criteria.

Identifying the right individuals for your study demands time and effort. Put that burden on us.

Finding potentially qualified participants for your study can be a cumbersome process that involves either sourcing potential study participants internally from your selected study sites’ databases or externally through advertising to generate interest.

Breakdowns can stem from many factors, including lack of agility in the strategy and lack of dedicated and focused attention on the strategy. WCG’s Identification solution allows you to overcome such obstacles by placing the responsibility on our team. While you free up your study site staff to focus on study-related clinical tasks, our dedicated team ensures that your trial begins rapidly and stays on schedule.

The Challenge in Numbers

WCG Data Intelligence on the clinical research industry reveals:


of clinical trials fail to enroll a single study participant


of studies close because of insufficient participants


of sites fail to meet enrollment targets

How WCG helps you overcome the roadblocks to identifying and enrolling trial participants.

Identify Internal Patients

WCG diligently assesses patient histories to uncover candidates ideally suited to your study. With our extensive chart review experience at hundreds of large and small sites globally, our experts will review all patient histories to identify every protocol-eligible individual within site databases.

Locate External Participants

WCG increases your study’s referral pool by bringing potential participants to your study sites through community outreach, referral provider networking, and/or Study Advertising. This supplements the recruitment potential when your study site’s pool is below target or accelerates your study’s recruitment journey to achieve enrollment targets sooner through a two-pronged, tandem solution.

Never miss a qualified study participant – put our dedicated team to work today.

It’s no surprise that so many sponsors and CROs engage WCG’s Identification experts to assist in identifying participants who fit study protocols. Locate participants that meet your study’s criteria. Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG.