Copernicus Group® (WCG) is fiercely committed to finding the best solutions for its clients. To create inspired solutions, we enlist extraordinary individuals.

We are a team of leaders who seek to contribute our unique expertise to the design of ingenious solutions that effectively impact client performance, while ensuring that human life is protected. We are wired into the very circles where regulatory policy decisions are made, cutting edge research is performed, and ethical opinions are shaped. What we learn from our connectedness is translated into our operations, communications and service. Consequently, our clients receive the most current thinking and best practices in human research protections. We boldly unite experience with advanced thinking. We are outliers who are driven to excellence, and impassioned to do what’s right. We are WCG.
Leadership Team
Board of Directors
Advisory Board
WCG Consulting
WCG Oncology Advisory Board
WCG Gene Therapy Advisory Board
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