Advancing science has created exciting and very promising new approaches to cancer treatment. To assure the proper risk-benefit assessment of these new approaches, the IRB members must possess a deep understanding of the underlying science and clinical aspects of the associated treatments. Through WCG Oncology™, we provide our clients with the confidence that reviews will be conducted with the appropriate expertise and therapeutic focus.

Nearly 14 million people around the world learn that they have cancer every year. Another 8 million people die from the disease (according to the Centers for Disease Control). To help in the mission to find a cure, the WIRB-Copernicus Group® (WCG) has created WCG Oncology, a comprehensive solution to enable the highest quality review of cancer research and to ensure the safety of its participants.

WCG Oncology combines our unmatched expertise in regulatory and ethical oversight with the insights of the leaders in oncology research to deliver a precise, thorough review of clinical trials in oncology. WCG Oncology is comprised of:

  • AN ADVISORY BOARD OF VISIONARIES and thought-leaders in oncology to provide WCG with guidance and strategic counsel on the changing landscape of research in oncology.

George Demetri, MD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

John M. Falletta, MD

Duke University Medical Center

Arnold J. Levine, PhD

Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences

John E. Niederhuber, MD

Inova Translational Medicine Institute;
Former Head of the National Cancer Institute

James Rothman, PhD

Yale University; Recipient, Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2013

Howard Scher, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • A PANEL OF EXPERT CONSULTANTS, each of whom is deeply knowledgeable in a specific oncological discipline or area of research, to assist in the review of complex and scientifically challenging research.
  • 3 DEDICATED, EXPERIENCED REVIEW PANELS focused wholly on the ethical and regulatory oversight of research in oncology.

Currently, WCG oversees more than 1,000 oncology research protocols at over 4,000 sites across the United States, including many of the leading academic medical centers, research hospitals and universities. Together with our partners in oncology research and cancer care, we will accelerate advancements in oncology research and – one day – find a cure.
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