Inform your decisions and accelerate your studies

Gain actionable insights to move your study forward with certainty with the WCG Knowledge Base™, our proprietary decision engine with trusted data on 90% of all industry-sponsored protocols and associated study details.

With the WCG Knowledge Base, our clients and partners are accelerating their clinical trial timelines thanks to intelligent, data-driven decisions in each phase of the clinical trial.

Predictive Performance
Competitive Advantage
Visibility & Control

Create competitive advantage for your organization.


Sites are the battleground.
We have the map.

The WCG Knowledge Base maps out your competition level at each site, so you can proactively deploy strategies to reach your enrollment goals.

Chart of concurrent study timelines at a site

Venn diagram with overlap of sites with high enrollment and fast contract execution


Pre-select the right investigators based on historic site performance

Setup your studies for success from the start. The WCG KnowledgeBase lets you zero in on the sites with the best-known performance for the therapeutic area of your study.


Active study analytics lets you course-correct to meet your timelines

Gain visibility into your current study activity, reports, and site contracts. This near-real-time transparency enables you to see and fix issues before they cause costly delays.

Gain actionable insights to move your studies forward with certainty with the WCG Knowledge Base

Interested to see how the investigators in your current or planned studies match up against the historic performance of all available investigators for the therapeutic area of the study?

Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG. We’ll share benchmark data from the WCG Knowledge Base, analyze your results, and share some of the common practices of top performers.