Study Start-Up for Research Sites

Coverage Analysis - Budgets - Contracts

Streamline your study start-up processes and enroll patients sooner

By leveraging our expert support on your coverage analysis, contracts, and budgets you can accelerate your study start-up timelines, reduce costs, and ensure reliable turnaround times.

At WCG, we help reduce start-up delays and backlogs at your site while providing you with the administrative support you need to open your trials more efficiently and enroll patients sooner.

Our Study Start-up solutions include:

Coverage Analysis & Research Billing Compliance

Budget Development & Negotiation

Contract Redline & Negotiation

Benefits of our Study Start-up solutions

Shorten start-up timelines, reduce backlogs, and enroll patients sooner

Alleviate staff burden and circumvent resource limitations

Maximize your budgets and secure the funds needed for your trials

Mitigate risks and limit your exposure to legal pitfalls in your contracts

WCG’s Study Start-up Experience


unique trials supported by our study start-up services in 2023


coverage analyses performed on behalf of sites in 2023


budgets and contracts reviewed and/or negotiated on behalf of sites in 2023

Accelerate your start-up timelines and enroll patients sooner with WCG’s Study Start-up solutions

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