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Addressing Challenges in Endocrine & Metabolic Clinical Trials

Innovative solutions for advancing endocrine and metabolic research

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Endocrine and metabolic diseases remain a growing area of focus for clinical research. Sponsors with injectable diabetes medication continue to move forward in studying how these same therapeutics work on obesity. High demand for novel therapies faces challenges in participant recruitment, study start-up, and regulatory review. Metabolic studies require meticulous attention to regulatory strategies and safety data to ensure the efficiency and success of your development program.

WCG has a world-class team of experts who work collaboratively with you throughout your study to ensure high levels of efficiency and quality, including a study design that will reach quality endpoints, train site and investigator staff, and provide regulatory insight. WCG’s proven record of rapid study start-up and successful recruitment and retention efforts will help accelerate your pathway to approval.

Solutions to support endocrine and metabolic clinical trials include:

Participant Identification

Optimize internal and external referral sources to efficiently identify participants that meet your study’s criteria.

Participant Enrollment

Enroll identified participants through a streamlined engagement process.

Participant Retention

Retain enrolled participants through study completion and generate accurate study data.

Study Review

A single source of expertise for ethical and scientific review.

Endpoint Adjudication Committee

Consistent evaluation of safety and adverse events while eliminating the perception of a conflict of interest.

Data Monitoring Committees

Proven, sound, and independent management, analysis, and reviews.


Industry-leading scientific measurement and data quality.

InvestigatorSpace® Training & Safety Portal

Manage investigator training and safety reporting across all your sites and studies–with one login.

Imaging Core Lab

Full-service medical imaging core lab providing comprehensive clinical trial imaging services.

Endpoints and Assessments

Comprehensive scale management and development services to support endocrine and metabolic trials.

Partner with WCG to navigate the complexities of endocrine and metabolic clinical trials and accelerate your pathway to approval.


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