Endpoint Adjudication Committee

Gain the safety and efficacy results you need and the quality care you deserve, with our Endpoint Adjudication Committee.

We look at the numbers, but never treat you like one. 

Endpoint adjudication – a standardized process for assessment of safety and efficacy in clinical trials – is critical for trial integrity, risk mitigation, and participant safety. Our experience, expertise, and support creates the perfect trifecta. 

An Endpoint Adjudication Committee (EAC) isn’t something you can hand over to just anyone.

WCG set the bar for independent Endpoint Adjudication Committees decades ago and no one has come close since.

Achieve Consistent, Global Data Collection

Here, there, everywhere: WCG ensures consistent, standardized, objective, unbiased reporting of safety and efficacy results for studies across multiple geographies.

Catch Safety Issues Early on

Understand and define risks early to chart a clear course to regulatory approval while optimizing spend and commercial advantages.

Get a Regulatory Edge

We have everything you need to achieve process excellence, from the most up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements and evolving committee best practices to industry-leading technologies.

Access Unmatched Experience

Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience in clinical trials to measurably enhance safety and efficacy, even (and especially) in complex Phase II and III trials. Our experts also specialize in interim analysis (conditional power, predictive power, sample-size recalculation).

Receive Personalized Committee Review

We’re talking a hand-picked Endpoint Adjudication Committee that’s perfectly matched to optimize your trial. WCG has over 1,200 deeply experienced clinicians and biostatisticians.

Gain a Global Expert Network

Not only will you get a hand-crafted Endpoint Adjudication Committee but also access to WCG’s industry-leading global network of 1,200+ vetted medical, safety, and statistical experts across nearly every therapeutic area who can act as key advisors.

EAC by the Numbers


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FDA supported approvals


day average time from posting to adjudicator decision

Endpoint Adjudication Committee FAQ

WCG’s Endpoint Adjudication Committees have deep expertise in the following Therapeutic Areas. This is not an exhaustive list – if you have a question about your specific study area, please get in touch and let’s discuss how our expert independent committees can help with your trial!

  • CVMD: NASH, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Failure, Stroke 
  • Oncology: NSCLC, Multiple Myeloma
  • Pulmonary: IPF, PAH
  • Immunology: Asthma, COPD
  • CNS: MS
  • AC = Adjudication Committee
  • IAC = Independent Adjudication Committee
  • CEC = Clinical Events Committee
  • IRC = Independent Review Committee

Absolutely! If you’re currently running a clinical trial with an EAC in place and feel it’s being mismanaged, we’re ready to take the reins. Get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Yes! WCG draws on our extensive Endpoint Adjudication Committee expertise to support Eligibility Adjudication.
Enrollment of patients is complex and an eligibility adjudication committee may be beneficial to adjudicate complex eligibility criteria. The Adjudication Committee has the specific expertise to determine whether a patient is appropriate for inclusion in the study. This can be crucial in therapeutic areas with more complex or subjective inclusion/exclusion criteria. The result: a trial with the right mix of eligible patients. This reduces delays, lessens the burden on the site and the PI, and increases the precision of the trial.

AIMS®: Helping Adjudication Committees Aim Higher 

WCG’s proprietary AIMS® technology helps adjudication committee members keep focus on what matters most: their expert assessments. The platform significantly streamlines processes, reduces administrative burden, and makes online data review as seamless as possible for users worldwide. Our purpose-built platform simplifies everything EAC, from member recruitment and training to communication and invoicing.

Who’s Supporting Your Study’s Endpoint Adjudication?

Behind every great EAC is WCG. Our experience, quality, focus, technology, and industry-leading global network put us far above the rest. Experience the WCG difference starting with a free EAC services consultation.