Site Network for Sponsors and CROs

Gain access to a network of over 470 clinical research sites and 1,000+ PIs ready to conduct your trials in virtually every therapeutic area.

Quickly access and engage with 470+ qualified research sites ready to perform your clinical trials in virtually every therapeutic area – for free.

The WCG Site Network connects sponsors and CROs with independent sites and community hospitals performing research in virtually every therapeutic area – including oncology, cardiology, CNS, vaccine, and inpatient surgical/device trials. You instantly gain access to over 470 sites and 1,000+ PIs eager to conduct your clinical trials.

In addition to providing qualified sites for your trials, we also offer a single point of contact throughout the study start-up process to make feasibility, contract, and budget negotiations more efficient.

You gain easy access to new trial sites while streamlining study start-up – at no cost to you.


Principal Investigators


Independent Sites and Community Hospitals

Benefits of working with the WCG Site Network:

Sites & PIs in Every Therapeutic Area

Accelerated Start-up Timelines 

Access to Vetted & Qualified Sites

Single Point of Contact to Streamline Your Trials

No Out-of-Pocket Costs to Utilize Our Network

Access qualified sites ready to conduct your trials

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