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Long study start-up and trial duration?

  • Our average full-board IRB determinations arrive 20% ahead of targeted TAT, accelerating site activation and study start up.
  • Complete study start-up 37% faster, and connect with the right sites with our leading database of historical performance for sites and investigators.

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Increased competition for sites and participants?

  • We enable smarter, faster and more cost-effective research sites, increasing capacity and performance.
  • 80% of all clinical trials fail to meet patient enrollment targets. Improve your participant engagement and study enrollment with our solutions.

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Increased protocol complexity?

  • Reduce error rates for endpoints by up to 65% with industry-leading protocols and platforms shaped by scientific experts.
  • Share knowledge with 220+ peer organizations in a collaborative, pre-competitive consortium, while driving efficiencies with 500+ best practice tools.

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A trusted partner for more than 55 years

The clinical trial industry faces strong headwinds – new trial designs, too many technology platforms, greater complexity – all of which requires a new, more modern approach. WCGs global reach and purpose-built solutions are designed to connect sponsors, CROs, sites, and participants across the industry to navigate the future of clinical research and help bring life-saving therapies to patients faster.

Customer Stories

Mid-sized BioPharma Closes Enrollment 3 Months Ahead of Schedule

  • Enrollment closed nearly 3 months ahead of schedule, which had only seemed impossible.
  • The client was able to bolster enrollment because the media outreach came in under budget and funds were reallocated to site support.
  • Additionally, 118 of the 272 documents reviewed were given suggestions for improvement in accordance with ICH (E6) R2 and industry-leading practices.

WCG has been an important partner to our company in providing strategic expertise and development support in challenging therapeutic areas. Their consultative services, particularly around accurate collection of patient reported outcomes and placebo response mitigation, are incredibly valuable to our programs.”

Senior Medical Director, Top Global Biotechnology Company

Your knowledge, experience and professionalism contributed greatly to the success of our recent proof-of-concept trial. Working together, we produced a high-quality trial with robust findings that helped guide program decision-making. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated partnering with you on this project.”

Clinical Team Lead, Top 10 Sponsor Company

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