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A collaborative consortium of 200+ companies dedicated to elevating clinical trial quality and bringing key stakeholders into greater alignment. Unlock thousands of resources for improving your study end-to-end.

Become a leader in clinical trial quality

In the changing global regulatory environment, having appropriate documentation and best practices in place is critical to be compliant. WCG’s Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC) offers a wealth of knowledge and tested leading practice tools and templates that your organization could greatly benefit from to ensure you are inspection ready.

Through participation in the AQC, more than 200 member pharma, biotech, site, niche clinical service providers, and CRO organizations collaborate in a progressive, pre-competitive environment with the shared objective of elevating quality and bringing key stakeholders in the clinical trials process into greater alignment.

Members stay current on the latest challenges in the industry and have access to over 1,500 leading practices, tools, templates, metrics, and process documents to assist with quality, risk management, and inspection readiness in clinical trial execution.

AQC Member Companies

The Avoca Quality Consortium consists of more than 200 member companies, with more than 8,000 member representatives.

Benefits of AQC membership:

Drive efficiency: Don’t reinvent the wheel – save resources with access to over 1,500 regulatory compliant leading practice tools, templates, and metrics in our Knowledge Center that you can use within your organization to be inspection ready.

Save time: Quickly implement leading practices developed by subject matter experts and peer reviewed by members.

Stay in compliance: Ensure confidence in the execution of your clinical trials with the utilization of leading practices that are kept current with the changing global regulatory environment.

Stay current: Check and validate that your own practices are in line with any new regulations, meeting industry and AQC leading standards.

Gain knowledge: Collaborate with industry leading experts and peers in clinical development on best practices to work more efficiently and effectively.

Close learning gaps in important areas that are aligned with quality and risk management in clinical trial execution through an online community, educational webinars, executive forums, member-only meetings, and working sessions.

Increase visibility among industry leaders, competitors, and potential partners.

Showcase your commitment and approach to driving quality in your organization: Gain confidence among your internal teams and external partners (investors, alliance partners) that the company is elevating quality and mitigating risk in service to patients.

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