Unparalleled science at scale for your CNS clinical trials

The WCG CNS Group combines the scientific and clinical expertise of VeraSci, MedAvante-ProPhase, and Analgesic Solutions, three leaders in delivering true outcomes for some of the most subjective and complex indications, including psychiatric, neurodegenerative, and pain clinical trials.

Our neuroscience leaders have helped sponsors and CROs reduce the risk of trial failure by supporting the science, data integrity, and approval of vital CNS therapies. From our purpose-built CNS technology to our ability to support global operations with scientific oversight, we have brought together world-renown minds to help you carry out confident decision-making in CNS drug development.


reduction in error rates for endpoints

2 weeks

for deployment of patient assessments


gold-standard certified raters at a global scale

Addressing the toughest challenges in CNS studies

Sponsors and CROs continue to face extreme challenges and high risks in the design and execution of clinical trials in support of new CNS therapies.  The likelihood of a clinical success is narrow, and the variability of data generated in the study only exacerbates the challenges.

Beyond the challenges in trial design, the identification and training of sites in the execution of CNS studies have grown even more complex. With the need to ensure the right scales, technologies and reviews are in place to ensure the data is high-quality and analyzed appropriately. 

Our CNS solution is a modular suite of services that apply the widely-acknowledged clinical expertise of WCG scientists and clinicians to mitigate the risks of bias, variability, and human error, while addressing the root causes of failed and inconclusive CNS trials.

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A suite of five services to accelerate CNS studies

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WCG’s CNS solution is powered by our eCOA/ePRO platform

WCG’s evidence-based solution integrates clinical expertise and specialized technology in a targeted solution, reducing error rates for clinical endpoints by up to 85% through effective training and best practice implementation with eCOA.

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The breadth and depth of WCG’s CNS expertise

Richard Keefe, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
WCG VeraSci

Luca Pani, MD

VP, Regulatory Strategy and Market Access Innovation
WCG VeraSci

Chris Randolph, PhD, ABPP-CN

Chief Scientific Officer
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

Adam Vaughan, PhD

Senior Director, Psychological Assessments
WCG VeraSci

Therapeutic Focus:
Childhood Disorders; Rare & Orphan Diseases

Alexandra Atkins, PhD

VP, Scientific Development
WCG VeraSci

Travis Turner, PhD

Senior Clinical Director, Movement Disorders
WCG VeraSci

Therapeutic Focus:
Parkinson’s Disease

Bill Horan, PhD

VP, Clinical Scientist
WCG VeraSci

Therapeutic Focus:

Mark Opler, PhD, MPH

Chief Research Officer
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

Jan Sedway, PhD

VP, Scientific Operations
WCG VeraSci

Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS

Chief Scientific Officer
WCG Analgesic Solutions

Mark Skeen, MD

Senior Medical Scientist
WCG VeraSci

Therapeutic Focus:
Multiple Sclerosis

Chris Brady, Psy.D.

VP, Clinical Science
WCG VeraSci

Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer, PhD, ABPP

VP, Neurodegenerative Disorders
WCG VeraSci

Therapeutic Focus:
Alzheimer’s Disease

Scott J. Hunter, PhD

Senior Scientific Expert, Neurodevelopment Disorders
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

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