Expert clinical guidance and improved data quality to support your CNS clinical studies

WCG brings together a set of services designed to solve the overarching challenges of CNS clinical study planning and execution. Partnering with Sponsors and CROs in the critical study steps from Protocol Design to Clinical Outcome Assessments, WCG’s CNS solution can ensure your study is supported by best-of-breed clinical services and a global cohort of industry experts ready to review your progress every step of the way.

85% reduction in error rates for endpoints
2 weeks for deployment of patient assessments at a global scale
250 expert clinical reviewers across 40 study countries
Addressing the toughest challenges in CNS clinical studies

Sponsors and CROs continue to face extreme challenges and high risks in the design and execution of clinical trials in support of new CNS therapies.  The likelihood of a clinical success is narrow, and the variability of data generated in the study only exacerbates the challenges.

Beyond the challenges in trial design, the identification and training of sites in the execution of CNS studies have grown even more complex. With the need to ensure the right scales, technologies and reviews are in place to ensure the data is high-quality and analyzed appropriately. Further, the identification and recruitment of patients continues to be a major source of study failure.

Our CNS solution is a modular suite of services that apply the widely-acknowledged clinical expertise of WCG scientists and clinicians to mitigate the risks of bias, variability, and human error, while addressing the root causes of failed and inconclusive CNS trials.

WCG’s CNS solution is powered by Virgil®

Virgil is WCG’s evidence-based solution that integrates clinical expertise and specialized technology in a targeted solution, reducing error rates for clinical endpoints by up to 85% through effective training and best practice implementation with eCOA.

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Increase signal detection and boost the chances of a successful trial

WCG’s electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) system has substantial benefits for sponsors and CROs, as it reduces administrative burden, mitigates cost, and speeds trials. Such a system shows strong results with fewer errors and discrepancies, improved data quality, clearer signals, and standardized, accurate studies.

The ultimate beneficiaries of clearer signals and reduced administrative burden are of course CNS patients and their families. Their quality of life depends on medical advances; advances that improvements in the clinical trial process have vast potential to accelerate.

CHART DATA SOURCE: Negash S, et al. Virgil investigative study platform minimizes scoring discrepancies to improve signal detection. Presented at AAIC 2016, Toronto, Canada. F(1,298) = 38.4 p<.0001

Scientific excellence, with customized solutions and a collaborative approach

By partnering with sponsors, CROs and sites, and using a risk-based approach, WCG delivers services that are highly-customized to study needs, and adapted regionally for global trials.

We have access to deep CNS expertise and multiple technological mediums, with proven success with audio, video, hand-held tablets, and a variety of other devices for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

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