Protect your study and stakeholders with discerning safety intelligence

At WCG, experience tells us that the key to successful pharmacovigilance programs is treating product inquiries and complaints as early-warning safety intelligence.

By understanding the sometimes obscure nature and pattern of these inquiries, we help pharmaceutical companies not only to respond promptly and appropriately to individual queries, but also to prepare for and manage deviations of greater scope.

Because we help our clients recognize inquiry trends early, they’re able to respond definitively and with discernment — before issues expand into broader concerns of your stakeholders: Patients, authorities or medical professionals.

Implement a high quality, expert-driven pharmacovigilance solution

Experienced and diverse team

WCG’s pharmacovigilance team consists of healthcare professionals with backgrounds covering the full range of pharmaceutical product information, skilled at balancing responsiveness to customer and patient concerns with the value and cost of your program.

End-to-end services

Our pharmacovigilance clients commonly entrust us to design the safety database, post-marketing documentation, post-approval study activities, preparation of aggregate report line listing and development of the full suite of medical information communications.

Increase the efficiency of pharmacovigilance

Our ability to host your fully-validated safety database invariably contributes favorable economies to your pharmacovigilance program.

Turn product inquiries into product success intelligence

As your pharmaceutical product approaches and enters its markets, feedback on the therapy’s safety and efficacy—both from patients and healthcare professionals—becomes critical to that product’s success.

While cost remains a factor when setting up or augmenting your product contact centers, we at WCG believe that interpreting inquiries and complaints—with an eye to identifying adverse events—must remain the primary priority.

Our extensive experience in providing cost-effective interpretations of inquiry data into early intelligence affecting product safety, regulatory compliance and brand integrity sets WCG apart in providing contact center capability.

In short, our leadership team lends more than 45 years of pharmacovigilance experience to ensure your product’s success.  We’ve handled millions of adverse events, managed dozens of regulatory audits, and developed Medical Information solutions for nearly every class of pharmaceutical product. It’s why scores of top pharmaceutical brands have relied on us to guide hundreds of best-selling medicines to market.

WCG's Pharmacovigilance services include:

  • Telephonic and Web-based contact methodology
  • Management of Product Inquiries from patients and healthcare providers
  • Creation of response documentation (scripts)
  • Provision of literature or other documentation in support of the response
  • Response tracking
  • Implementation and maintenance of a separate instance of a fully-validated global safety database for Medical Information to house and track inquiries, standard fulfillment materials and responses through to inquiry close out

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