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WCG Introduces New Benchmarking Consortium to Optimize Vaccine Development

WCG’s KMR Group uses unparalleled data to evaluate performance, examine industry trends, and highlight best practices for those who research and develop vaccines

Princeton, NJ – July 29, 2019 The WIRB-Copernicus Group®’s (WCG™) Clinical Services Division will offer its unique data-driven benchmarking solution to companies that discover and develop vaccines, helping them to increase productivity, reduce cycle-times, and maximize their investment in research and development. For the past 20 years, WCG’s KMR Group has enabled the leading biopharma companies to reduce operational cycle-times up to 20%, decrease study costs by 15%, and improve their ranking against peers by 30%. Built upon WCG KMR Group’s trusted framework, the new program will enable vaccine developers to enjoy cost savings and performance improvements comparable to their biopharma counterparts.

WCG’s KMR Group uses data to help research sponsors evaluate their own performance as compared to peers. With solutions that span the full R&D spectrum, WCG KMR Group harnesses extensive statistical methods and normalizing for key factors to evaluate productivity, success rates, cycle-times, pipeline, and investments. By examining industry trends, answering critical business questions, and identifying best practices, WCG KMR Group will help vaccine developers to optimize their R&D programs and accelerate the delivery of new vaccines to market.

“We are fortunate to live in an age where disease is not only treatable, it’s preventable,” said Donald A. Deieso, PhD, Executive Chairman and CEO of WCG. “This program unites the leading vaccine developers and provides them with the tools they need to drive continuous improvement. We’re proud to play a role in helping them to accelerate the delivery of new and better vaccines to patients, because, in the immortal words of Ben Franklin, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. We are delighted to have a number of the leading vaccine biopharma companies as charter members of the Consortium and welcome all others with investments in this therapeutic area to join.”

WCG’s KMR Group is the industry’s leading provider of benchmarking data, metrics and advanced analytics, as well as the developer of online analytics tools that enable access to proprietary and rich datasets. WCG KMR Group’s platform is the most reliable source for performance, project, and trial data, with information on over 10,000 development projects and nearly 30,000 global clinical trials. Clients depend on WCG KMR Group’s analysis to benchmark performance, set project plans, and identify opportunities to improve performance.

“We are thrilled to now offer our benchmarking solution to organizations focused on the discovery and development of new vaccines,” commented Linda Martin, President and Founder of WCG’s KMR Group. “The members of the Vaccines Consortium will have unparalleled access to evidence-based insights gleaned from the proprietary, independently verified data resulting from their participation in this unique forum.”

WCG’s KMR Group analyzes data with the goal of presenting information in a meaningful way. Rather than reporting straightforward data, WCG KMR Group conducts an in-depth analysis of data and presents the information in the proper context, considering noteworthy trends, comparisons, anomalies, surprises, and correlations. WCG KMR Group also makes extensive use of statistical analysis, identifying factors that may influence results—such as company size, therapy area, vaccine type and patient population—and examining noteworthy changes or relations within the data set.

WCG KMR Group’s benchmarking programs are built upon a comprehensive yet granular framework that enables detailed performance reporting. Data are collected at several levels to enable flexible and rich performance statistics. WCG KMR Group aggregates these data to ensure the integrity of the statistics, as well as comparability across companies. All participants submit project and molecule-level development data, clinical trial data, and resource/investment data. This level of detail gives WCG KMR Group the ability to validate the information and analyze the information more effectively and more reliably, thus providing the group with more valuable results. Findings are presented in an open forum, encouraging participants to learn from their peers and share best practices with one another.

Concluded Ms. Martin, “These are exciting times for vaccines development. New methods and technologies such as mRNA/DNA are opening up entire new areas of research, enabling a much deeper reach into not only preventative vaccines but also therapeutics such as cancer. There is no better time for this Vaccines Consortium to come into being as sponsors seek to better understand their own performance in light of these fast-paced industry changes.”

To learn more about KMR’s R&D Vaccine Benchmarking Consortium, please contact Derek Wilbert, Marketing Associate, at (312) 795-0400 or [email protected].


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KMR Group is the biopharmaceutical industry’s leader in benchmarking, analytics and performance management and the developer of on-line analytics tools that enable access to proprietary and rich datasets. KMR’s R&D platform is the most reliable source for portfolio-level analytics, trial performance, recruitment statistics and site-metrics data, with nearly 30,000 global clinical trials and roughly one million global site records. Clients depend on these tools to benchmark performance, define recruitment strategies, shape enrollment plans and identify best performing sites. For more information, please visit

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