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For more than 50 years, the industry has relied upon WCG as the gold standard provider for IRB services. We know how to navigate clinical trials. We have experience with virtually all sponsors, CROs, and research sites in the industry – encompassing thousands of trials, across all phases and therapeutic areas. Clients tell us they respect our commitment to delivering with the highest quality, efficiency, and accuracy, in order to support timely decision making.

Today’s clinical trial landscape includes more trial starts, growing protocol complexities, and more resource constraints. But one focus stays the same: The need to protect research participants through independent review of clinical trial safety and efficacy data. WCG offers clients the ability to leverage one expert organization for all your ethical and scientific review needs for IRB, IBC, DMC (or DSMB), and EAC (or CEC) review.

Unmatched Expertise

With WCG Study Review Solutions, you have access to more than 1,200 independent experts in our global network. Our flexible and comprehensive services include a high level of expertise and efficiency.


years as the gold standard provider for Independent Review Services


IRB and IBC Expert Committee Members


DMC and EAC Expert Committee Members

Explore Study Review Solutions:

IRB – Institutional Review Board

  • Full board determination of a new protocol within 5-6 business days of a complete submission
  • Site approvals within 1-2 days of complete site submission
  • Review of site lists with insights on each institution
  • Contact with key institutional players for IRB reliance questions
  • Dedicated client-specific point of contact

IBC – Institutional Biosafety Committee

  • Critical for development with engineered DNA or RNA as human gene transfer products
  • Transparent and interactive, allowing sites to understand and direct compliance activities
  • Bundles IRB and IBC review to eliminate duplicative reviews and ensure efficient turnaround
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DMC – Data Monitoring Committee

  • Our approach to DMCs place emphasis on quality of statistical analysis and committee experience to ensure our clients receive the most comprehensive and actionable recommendations to inform their pipeline development
  • Proven team of statisticians with experience across over 25 therapeutic areas
  • We understand the value of an effectively conducted DMC to protect patients, promote trust and support regulatory submissions
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EAC – Endpoint Adjudication Committee

  • Purpose-built, proprietary technology for streamlined Adjudication Committee management
  • 5 days average time from posting to adjudicator decision
  • 100% on-time final adjudication database lock (DBL) prior to final study DBL
  • Critical for type II diabetes (cardiac adjudication), non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and muscular dystrophy protocols
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Ensuring Ethics and Quality

When you select WCG’s Study Review solutions, you gain a proven partner who has set the standard for ethical and scientific review. Leverage our exceptional expertise to protect your valuable research participants.

With WCG Study Review solutions, your customer service relationship includes two separate contacts – one for ethical review and one for scientific review. This approach is indicative of the firewalls we place between committees to prevent bias.

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