Better study outcomes from the start.

Clinical trials are often delayed because sponsors and CROs lack the appropriate resources, data insights, and accessibility to comprehensive data assets leading to inaccurate study plans and likely selecting sites that end up low enrolling or don’t enroll a single participant. This can compound into millions of dollars lost in opportunity costs. This problem is exacerbated by poor workflows, lack of coordination from sites, and no single source for the consolidated review and management of site selection and enrollment forecasting.

WCG offers an end-to-end service that brings knowledge, speed, transparency, and control to the study planning lifecycle so sponsors, CROs, and sites can achieve accelerated start-up timelines. From clinical development insights to study planning, site identification & intelligence, and site engagement services, we help sponsors, sites, and CROs accelerate timelines while increasing their probability of operational success.

Reduce overall study start-up timelines by as much as 35%.

Speed site enrollment by 30%.

Gain competitive intelligence into 90% of FDA-regulated clinical trials.

Study Planning Solutions

Site Feasibility

Engage and assess the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites—and accomplish more than 25% faster.

Site Selection

Match your study’s therapeutic approach and protocols precisely to site and investigator performance data, reducing site identification from the 8-10-week industry average to as quickly as three days.

Trial Design & Protocol Planning

Optimize your clinical development strategy with expert collaboration on trial design, study protocol, and regulatory interactions.

Quality & Compliance

WCG Avoca unites sponsors, sites, CROs, and clinical service providers to address challenges and improve both quality and execution in clinical trials.

IRB Review

Protect research participants with an experienced partner. WCG IRB increases efficiency while ensuring the highest ethical standards.

IBC Review

Ensure safe and compliant oversight of gene transfer research with our experienced and personalized service, and streamlined process.

Data Monitoring Committee

Reduce the risk of safety concerns throughout the life of your study with our expert Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) management.

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