Site Optimization

End-to-end site optimization services to help you succeed.

Enhance site efficiency with solutions that reduce administrative burden and improve clinical quality with uncompromised safety and compliance.

40% of sites struggle with challenges related to time constraints, staff, training, documentation, and data integrity. 

You hold the key to better trial outcomes. Leverage dedicated resources, outsourced expertise, and smart solutions that automate workflows, increase efficiencies, improve data accuracy, ensure audit preparedness, and strengthen training. 

WCG guides and supports at every stage

Deep Expertise

We have supported 800+ protocols and 190+ sponsors with our participant recruitment and enrollment solutions

Cost Effective & Quick

InvestigatorSpace training platform reduces training time by over 60% compared to traditional training delivery

Accelerates Site Start Up

InvestigatorSpace training platform activates sites an average of 20 days faster than other solutions

Technologies We Use

Identify the problems, prioritize the solutions

Join the hundreds of sites, sponsors, and CROs who, on average, reduce data entry time by 80%, boost financial results by 21%, increase trial study starts by 38%, and reduce start-up timelines by 37% using WCG’s end-to-end site optimization services.

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