Enable smarter, faster, and more efficient research sites.

Improve communication with sites and reduce their administrative burden with WCG’s site optimization services. WCG makes it easy for sites and sponsors with fast activation and start-up, enhanced study conduct, transparent communications, regulatory compliance, staff augmentation services and timely site training – either in-person or virtual.

To improve the study start-up timelines and financial performance of sites, WCG also offers billing compliance, contract, and budget services to keep your studies on track, and financial management services to identify uncollected revenue.

Reduce overall study start-up timelines by as much as 35%

Cut site training costs by 50%

Engage the world’s most qualified clinical trial sites, and complete feasibility more than 25% faster

Explore Site Optimization Solutions:

Solutions for Research Sites

Study Start-Up

Shorten your study start-up timelines, ensure billing compliance, and enroll patients sooner.

Research Professionals

Optimize your existing site resources with flexible and scalable research professional support.

Financial Management

Implement better processes and consistent methods to build a financially healthy research program.

WCG Site Network

Secure new study opportunities and grow your research program.

Study Advertising

Increase patient enrollment for your clinical trials through personalized, study-specific advertising campaigns.


Simplify the management of your entire clinical research portfolio by linking study status, patient enrollment, calendars, budgets, electronic data capture and more.

Research Management

Streamline the IRB process, reduce costs, eliminate research errors, and improve process transparency and data reporting.

Solutions for Sponsors

Site Feasibility

Engage and assess the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites—and accomplish more than 25% faster.

Site Selection

Match your study’s therapeutic approach and protocols precisely to site and investigator performance track records, reducing site identification from the 8-10-week industry average to as quickly as three days.

Clinical Trial Training

Launch fully-automated, 24/7 online site training solutions that significantly cut complexity, time and expense while ensuring full compliance.

Total Safety Solution

Relieve the burden of managing global drug safety and safety reporting operations with our end-to-end safety solution.

Meet the technologies that power our Site Optimization solutions

Screenshot of InvestigatorSpace

Investigator Space

Manage investigator training and safety reporting across all your sites and studies–with one login.

Screenshot of Velos eResearch.

eResearch CTMS

Automate administrative, financial, and research activities with this robust clinical trial management system.

Optimize your site performance

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