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About the Webinar

We’ve seen significant advances in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning computer applications to aid and augment the field of radiology.

What is the status of the technology today? How does it receive FDA clearance? In radiology, artificial intelligence applications often require conducting multi-reader multi-case (MRMC) studies on their journey to FDA clearance.

In this webinar, Dr. Amit Mehta, Chief Medical Officer, WCG Imaging, and Todd Joron, President & COO, WCG Imaging, share their decades of experience in the field. Their presentation provides an overview of radiology AI and machine learning applications and shares insights into the art of successfully attaining FDA clearance.

From this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the trends and technologies in radiology AI and machine learning applications and the historical development, upcoming use cases, and the current state of AI technology.
  • Benefit from lessons learned from over a decade of successfully executing some of the industry’s largest fully crossed, fully randomized AI MRMC studies.
  • Receive industry guidance about the mechanics and design of radiology AI MRMC studies.
  • Discover best practices for attaining FDA clearance. Hear actual case examples about how successful studies are executed.
  • Find out about common mistakes companies make in the design and execution of MRMC studies—and how to avoid them.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Radiology: Trends, Developments, and Insider Guidance on Conducting AI MRMC Studies

Monday, April 11, 2022 |
1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT
Speakers: Dr. Amit Mehta & Todd Joron

About the Speakers

Todd Joron
President and Chief Operating Officer, WCG Imaging

Todd Joron is President and Chief Operating Officer of WCG Imaging. He has 35 years of experience within international CROs providing services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Mr. Joron has extensive experience in conducting multi-reader multi-case (MRMC) studies of artificial intelligence applications. Mr. Joron holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Amit Mehta, MD
Chief Medical Officer, WCG Imaging

Amit Mehta, MD, is Chief Medical Officer of WCG Imaging. Dr. Mehta completed his radiology residency and vascular and interventional radiology fellowship at Harvard Medical School at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Widely published, he is the author of three radiology textbooks and has served as a peer reviewer for several radiology journals. Dr. Mehta has received George Brown Radiological Society of North America and Joseph E Whitley awards.