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Animated and Live Action Content Delivers Precise Training for Dermatology Studies

Clinical study protocols require the utmost attention to detail, and proper training is critical to achieving optimal performance at sites. WCG’s InvestigatorSpace® offers customizable training solutions to bring accurate and detailed training to life while reducing the time spent on developing assets by an average of 60%.  

Uniform Live Action Training Using InvestigatorSpace Speeds Up Study Start Times

In one case, a global pharmaceutical company used WCG’s training solutions to support two dermatology studies they were running. Both studies used an intramuscular injection technique that required precise and accurate angling, and the sponsor needed uniform training to ensure optimal trial quality and a positive participant experience.

They chose the InvestigatorSpace platform to deliver animated, on-demand training across 30 sites. The live-action animation thoroughly detailed the injection technique process by showing different needle angles, effectively training the investigators on the precise angles.

WCG collaborated with study teams and clinical experts to develop the training modules. By hosting the training modules on InvestigatorSpace, the sponsor ensured that all investigators who completed study activities received the same exact training and that their training results were recorded in an audit-ready report. The modules also provided a documented reference guide clinicians could reference at any point in the study to ensure compliance.

Across the two studies, over 150 users at 30 sites completed the training. As a result of on-demand delivery, sites completed training within 15 days of gaining access, which sped the study start-up times.  Study teams engaged with the training content throughout the trial and asked questions through the InvestigatorSpace platform.

The Benefits of InvestigatorSpace Live Action Training for Clinical Trials

Live-action animated video, produced by WCG’s InvestigatorSpace team, allows sites to watch actual study-specific procedures and ask questions through the InvestigatorSpace interface to improve trial conduct. Sites can access materials for the life of the study, which supports critical training needs for site staff turnover.

The InvestigatorSpace team makes it easy to get started and implement. WCG generates an initial script based on the protocol and collaborates with the client to finalize the training content. All training videos and related resources are converted into site quick guides and accessible through the InvestigatorSpace platform.

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