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Ask the Experts: Submitting Separate Information Between Studies and Sites


I want to submit a study as a sponsor, with a site to submit their information separately. Is this possible with WCG IBC?


Yes, WCG encourages sponsors and CROs to start working with our IBC experts as early as possible to get the most value out of central IBC services. Although NIH Guidelines require diligent evaluation of each site, resulting in issuance of site-level approvals, much of the review effort can be handled in advance if the sponsor or CRO begins to collaborate with WCG at an early stage. The IBC typically reviews documents such as Protocol, Investigator’s Brochure, and Pharmacy Manual (or other product-handling instructions). Often, these documents may be submitted in a draft form for early evaluation. To get started, complete the form below to request a short study-level submission form. This form involves no cost or commitment and sets the stage for WCG to provide the most efficient clinical trial initiation for sponsors and CROs.

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