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Clinical Trial Agreement Language: Details in the Subject Injury Provision You Shouldn’t Overlook

About the video:

The subject injury compensation provision is a critical part of every clinical trial agreement, yet it can often be a point of contention during the negotiation process. This webinar will address real-world scenarios and discuss crucial words and phrases that research sites should pay extra attention to when reviewing and negotiating the subject injury compensation provision of the clinical trial agreement (CTA).

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize what the subject injury provision means when applied to a real-world scenario.
  • Give examples of clear and concise subject injury language.
  • Illustrate how bad subject injury language can create confusion, and how disagreements during the process can negatively impact patients.

About the speaker:

Jody Ingebritsen-Howe
Manager, Clinical Research Contracts & Compliance, WCG

Jody Ingebritsen-Howe is the Manager of Clinical Research Contracts & Compliance at WCG. Jody’s background includes both the healthcare and legal industries, and she brings a sense of compassion and knowledge when helping bridge the divide within the research industry’s various business interests, operational abilities, and legal limitations. She has collaborated with an extensive variety of research sites, including large academic medical centers, major medical centers, dedicated research facilities, and community hospitals, providing her with a well-rounded perspective of the contracting needs of each type of research site. Jody strives to make the clinical research industry more efficient, more conscientious, and more supportive.