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Fast, Easy and Secure: Latest My Patient ® Update Includes New Fields and Bulk Uploading

WCG continues to make improvements to My Patient, its web-based workflow and participant management tool. Changes include expanded data fields, new functionality, and an improved overall interface. These upgrades enhance efficiency, participant pathway management, and user experience.

Before digging into the changes, let’s review the platform itself.

As a central hub for participant recruitment campaigns, My Patient is a secure web-accessible portal that is designed to seamlessly integrate with the study team’s workflow. This integration streamlines processes, increases data accessibility, and provides sites, sponsors, and CROs with the key information needed to improve a study’s progress. All clinical trials have a goal of reaching the study’s endpoints effectively, safely, and efficiently, and My Patient empowers study teams to do that.

My Patient is HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR Compliant. WCG’s ISMS has ISO 270001 certification, maintaining our data integrity standards to the highest level.

For Study Teams

For site study teams, My Patient makes the participant management process more efficient and easier to manage by providing clear oversight of each participant’s journey throughout the recruitment and retention process. My Patient offers a comprehensive solution to effectively track participant progress from initial prescreen to final disposition, whether that is enrollment or disqualification. My Patient facilitates the prescreening of potential participants from all referral sources. This includes processing incoming media referrals, managing chart review referrals, and any referrals from community outreach. My Patient also automatically organizes participants by relevant actions, dates, and status, allowing study teams to keep their primary focus on the daily needs of each participant.

My Patient platform includes the Patient Interaction Center® (PIC). The PIC is a proprietary 24/7 call center that fields queries from interested participants, describes the study using an IRB-approved script, and then screens, prequalifies, and readies them for enrollment. The PIC converts referrals to warm transfers that are sent to sites. The PIC’s workflow is designed to support prompt follow-up with each potential participant, providing concierge support where most needed—to those individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to participate in your trial.

For Sponsors

Sponsors can access My Patient through SponsorView™. SponsorView allows sponsors to see the critical information about their studies and can see the enrollment progress across their sites through each stage of the participant identification and recruitment process. This does not provide sponsors with PII; rather, they can see the overall status and output—enough to know how their study is progressing. My Patient access is available in real-time from any device.

My Patient also facilitates retention tracking across the protocol’s schedule of events and provides deidentified retention information to sponsors so appropriate changes can be made to prevent unexpected loss to follow-up or drop out. Even after enrollment, participants require a high degree of care to ensure their study participation is as convenient and accessible as possible for each participant.

Through SponsorView, sponsors can access high-level program highlights and status overviews down to enrollment by strategy and site, or as granular as PI-specific information down to each deidentified potential participant’s status.

Managing Campaigns

My Patient has long been able to centralize data from multi-channel referral sources. This includes providing the ability to identify the direct source of the referral.

My Patient can also track referrals by source regardless of outreach vendor. This allows recruitment campaigns to continually improve messaging by tracking results through source tracking and attribution for campaign comparisons. This allows sponsors and sites to measure the most effective approach to increase enrollment in real time. By storing all data in one place and providing a complete picture of real-time data 24/7, My Patient enhances transparency and performance assessment.

What’s New

WCG’s newest upgrades to My Patient further improve efficiency, integration, and usability while keeping the focus on each participant’s journey.

  • Bulk Referral Uploads: The ability to bulk upload from multiple referral sources has been improved. This will allow My Patient to complement newly emerging AI search tools that generate potential referral lists that require processed follow-up.  The system identifies potential duplicate uploads for data accuracy to avoid unnecessary follow-up and increase efficiency when dealing with large referral lists. This will expedite the prescreening process and reduce duplicate work when a site has an upload of records from an advanced EMR query or other referral sources.
  • Password Reset & Recovery: Allows users to reset their passwords via the login page allowing more self-service through the system without compromising security.
  • New Metadata Fields: These new fields allow the system to be configured to capture data for specific limited use cases matching the needs of a given study. As studies are ever-changing, this provides flexibility to capture key additional data fields at initial intake; it will help with targeted patient recruitment-related activities, such as cohort details. Study teams can then use these fields to pull through data from website forms into their Site View, saving time and capturing more complete data. This configuration flexibility allows My Patient to meet the changing needs of individual studies.
  • The SponsorView dashboard has been updated to improve Sponsor visibility into their studies. Additions include adding Community Outreach Metrics dashboards that detail the results from grassroots efforts as well as the results from referral physician networking results. The dashboard also includes a WCG support status indicator.
  • API Updates: The most recent update also includes API updates for study teams who want to transfer key recruitment data.

These new features and updates to My Patient contribute to a more efficient, user-friendly experience, enhancing the workflow and productivity of sites, sponsors and CROs, and participants.

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