Webinar: Implementing ICH E8 R1 Recommendations Increases Site and Participant Relationship Scoring Measures

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WCG Avoca and CenterWatch industry research shines a light on the importance of site and participant relationships for sustainability of the clinical research patient and investigator pools

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About the webinar:

Industry and regulatory focus on quality by design requires cross-functional feedback on study design. Similarly, patient and site centricity are critical for a robust clinical trial industry. However, most sponsor and provider organizations base their study designs on feedback from investigators and participants who are familiar with the clinical trial industry. In order to expand the patient pool for clinical research, Sponsors must develop protocols that meet the needs of research-naïve participants and investigators.

The WCG Avoca Industry Survey looked to evaluate the disconnects in what research-naïve participants and investigators want and how Sponsors are currently conducting research. The study also provides insight into what motivates participants and investigators to engage in clinical research, and what doesn’t. Further, the CenterWatch Survey highlights exactly which Sponsor attributes are important motivators for participation in clinical research.

Viewers will:

  • Understand why only a small population of participants and healthcare professionals participate in clinical research today, and highlight the opportunities that might be leveraged to gain greater appeal from a wider, more diverse population.
  • Determine what prevents someone from participating in a clinical trial and, for those who do participate, how the clinical trial met their expectations.
  • Understand how a site’s experience with a Sponsor relates to whether they will or will not participate again in the future.
  • Learn the most significant attributes for a healthy Sponsor-site relationship, and how real-time monitoring of these relationships can be important in evaluating the success of the trial at each participating site.

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The 2023 WCG Avoca State of the Industry Report

The 2023 WCG CenterWatch Global Site Relationship Benchmark Survey Report

About the speakers:

Crissy MacDonald, PhD
Vice President, Client Delivery, WCG

As the leader of WCG Avoca’s integrated consulting and research solutions, Cristin MacDonald provides consulting services to top pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research organizations, and oversees client deliverables, systems, and processes across Avoca. Crissy has over 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with expertise in clinical research, process development, and strategic management. Her previous professional roles have touched every stage of the clinical trials process, from pre-clinical research through late-stage clinical development. Crissy earned a PhD in biomedical engineering from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College.

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Jamie Harper, MHA
Vice President, Site Engagement & Relations, WCG

As Vice President, Site Engagement & Relations for WCG, Jamie Harper regularly develops and executes strategic solutions mitigating the challenges experienced at clinical research sites around the globe. Jamie has 13 years of experience building successful clinical research programs at a large private oncology practice and developing appropriate study strategies that take into account the individual needs of each institution. As past president of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA), she has well-rounded, real-world knowledge of all aspects of a clinical trial with a focus on the site perspective.

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