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InvestigatorSpace Cross-Sponsor Mutually Recognized Training

WCG has developed and implemented cross-sponsor Mutually Recognized Training, providing immediate impact on costs and reduction of redundant training.


The requirement was documentation of ICH-GCP training for all site staff associated with the execution of the protocol. Cross-Sponsor Mutually Recognized Training Exemption of ICH-GCP topic was approved meaning that if the unique user had a valid ICH-GCP certificate in Investigator Space®; the user would systemically be provided an exemption for the training and be granted a new certificate for the study with the original date of training reflected.

Of the 2000+ user base for the 3-study program, a full 44% of site staff were auto-exempted from the ICH- GCP training by virtue of the Mutually Recognized Training functionality.


Principal Investigator Training

  • 497 Unique Principal Investigators across 3-Protocol training program
  • 480 Unique GCP Certificates (to date)
  • 230 Cases of Mutually Recognized Training Credit

Other Site Staff Training

  • 1634 Unique Site Staff across 3-Protocol training program
  • 1335 Unique GCP Certificates (to date)
  • 564 Cases of Mutually Recognized Training Credit