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Patient Advocacy Leadership at Its Finest. The Global Liver Institute Rallies Stakeholders to Face Down Liver Disease for Many.

About the Video

Donna Cryer, JD, is the Founder and CEO of the Global Liver Institute, a patient advocacy group with a substantial reach and impact in the fight against liver disease. She speaks of the broad spectrum of stakeholders and topics that are the focus of the Global Liver Institute. These topic include policy reform, equity, clinical research, transplantation access, minority community inclusion, establishing trust, and patient engagement. Her institute works to educate and motivate people to care for their own health, and to strive for a fulfilling and normal life. The Global Liver Institute’s approach is a model of collaboration. They show, by example, the benefits of working with other disease groups, scientists, regulators, policy makers, and community members.

Donna Cryer, JD, is not only a patient advocacy group leader, she is also a liver disease patient. She has benefited from a liver transplant, access to high quality treatment, an advanced education, and information that has allowed her to thrive personally and professionally. She seeks to bring such advantage to others across the globe who are impacted by liver disease and who would benefit from better policy, medicine, and access. She and the Global Liver Institute bring hope to the worldwide community of people living with liver disease