Panel 3: Improving the Informed Consent Process

January 27, 2020

Improving the Informed Consent Process: How Do We Make Real Changes?

One of a series of live panels recorded at the WCG Patient Advocacy Forums in Washington D.C. in October, 2019.

As protocols grow more complex, how do we ensure truly informed consent? How can the patient voice be incorporated to improve the informed consent process? 

Dr. Lindsay McNair, Chief Medical Officer of WCG, recently discussed these questions with patient advocate Kristina Wolfe, living with diabetes, Alyssa Lanzi, a speech-language pathologist and clinical researcher, and author Mary Elizabeth Williams. 

Click the slides above, or download the PDF to read insights on this topic from patients, patient advocates, and industry leaders.

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Panel 2: Compensation for Research Participation

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Panel 4: Patient-Friendly Studies

Overview: Increasing Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

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