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Questions on Using Generic Recruitment Flyers at Clinical Trial Sites


We have a generic flyer for a specific condition that we would like to send out.  The flyer is IRB approved at the sponsor level and we would like to know if it is acceptable for our site to use.
– Regulatory Coordinator, University Medical Center


For this question, I am assuming that a “generic” recruitment flyer is one that includes protocol specific information and may include information about the sponsor but does not include site-specific information.

Generic flyers approved by the IRB may be used by the site.  Changes to approved generic materials must be reviewed and approved before use. For example, including site-specific information such as an address or phone number, changing font type or format, or including site-specific dollar amounts that will be paid to subject participation in the research would trigger the requirement for IRB approval of the flyer.

As is often the case, if there is any question, you should contact your IRB for assistance in determining if the material needs to be submitted for review, being mindful that different IRBs may have different policies regarding review and approval of recruitment materials.

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