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Real-Time Monitoring Functions with InvestigatorSpace® Mobile

WCG’s InvestigatorSpace technology efficiently brings all training and documents side-by-side into the same platform – right from your mobile device – to activate sites, on average, 20 days faster and increase the number of recruitment and enrollment days.

InvestigatorSpace Mobile, part of WCG InvestigatorSpace’s suite of robust training and safety solutions, makes it simple for study monitors to document real-time, in-person training, no matter how it was delivered. It also allows monitoring teams to: 

  • Document face-to-face training with signature capture
  • Assign required training to site staff in real time
  • Certify training exemption requests
  • Access protocols with full document functionality
  • As well as review and acknowledge safety notifications

Putting the power of InvestigatorSpace on a mobile device helps sites achieve faster start-up, maintain a perpetual inspection readiness, and gives study teams access to critical information throughout a trial to improve quality and compliance.

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