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Ros Cheetham, Pharmaceutical Industry Professional, Volunteers for a COVID-19 Trial

About this episode:

After more than 25 years working to plan and conduct clinical trials at pharmaceutical companies, Ros Cheetham decided to put herself into the patient role: She volunteered to participate in a COVID vaccine clinical trial.

She discusses why she decided to participate in the trial and shares her experiences. So far, it’s all been positive: She speaks of modern methods, safety and the well-organized approach and thoughtful communications used by the clinical research site.

She also talks about the barriers, such as distance, that prevent some people from participating in clinical trials, and calls on the industry to help potential participants to overcome those barriers. Studies must be as inclusive as possible so clinical research can benefit a more representative cross-section of our society.

She also exhorts individuals to, like her, become clinical trial volunteers. Trials need volunteers, and everyone should have the experience of being in a clinical trial.

Cheetham is a pharmaceutical development professional providing expertise in global drug development, global clinical operations solutions and partnership and alliance strategy. Her broad industry experience encompasses several vice president positions. She has led product development teams through successful filings and commercialization of new drugs as well as having implemented innovative global operational solutions that provided cost savings with timely execution and high quality.