InvestigatorSpace Rapid Reporting Enhancements to Support COVID-19 Trial

The Challenge The complexities of rapidly changing the way in which investigators are trained when supporting a COVID-19 trial resulted in a significant reporting gap for our client. While traditionally, sites could be pre-identified and neatly grouped into roles with very predictable timelines and training plans; the reality of chasing COVID-19 patients, coupled with activating […]

Global CRO Achieves 100% Business Continuity During COVID-19 with On-Demand Training

The switch to WCG virtual training allowed this global CRO to achieve 100% business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Seamless Process The WCG training team worked with the client using a collaborative and consultative approach to assess their needs quickly. Then, we created and delivered customized online training solutions for each team and each […]

Tailored, Dedicated Support Expedites COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

How will you help your sites reach their full potential? Start with something different. Discover how WCG's Site Augmentation Solution can help sponsors and CROs achieve clinical trial continuity and accelerate clinical trial timelines.

Ros Cheetham, Pharmaceutical Industry Professional, Volunteers for a COVID-19 Trial

      About this episode: After more than 25 years working to plan and conduct clinical trials at pharmaceutical companies, Ros Cheetham decided to put herself into the patient role: She volunteered to participate in a COVID vaccine clinical trial. She discusses why she decided to participate in the trial and shares her experiences. […]

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