Build a More Participant-Focused Trial: Amplify the Patient Voice in Clinical Research Technology Development

For those of us who use sophisticated digital tools every day, it’s easy to assume that technology always makes life easier. It doesn’t. For many people, technology can make life harder. Study eDiaries are an example of a clinical research technology that can create additional burdens. Yes, they have improved the accuracy and efficiency of […]

Diversity Action Plans Will Soon Be Mandatory for Clinical Trials

It’s time to think about creating diversity plans. In December 2022, Congress passed the Diverse and Equitable Participation in Clinical Trials (DEPICT) Act, which made diversity action plans mandatory. By December 2023, the FDA will issue guidance on the format and content of these plans. “We don’t have to wait until then to understand what’s […]

To Ensure Participant-Centered Recruitment, Ask the Right Questions

Clinical research is always about the participant. We all agree on that, but how often is that participant’s perspective considered throughout study planning? It can get lost in the complexity and activity of study startup. Sites and sponsors must begin with one question: What makes sense for the participant? One of the first things we […]

Webinar: Communication and Training in a Multi-regional Setting

About the Webinar In this webinar, WCG experts discuss the growth of CRCs in Latin America, and share best practices for cultural training and communication.

Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America: Collaboration Between Patients, Researchers, and Physicians Saves Lives

About this Episode In this episode we speak with Pam Mace, Patient, Executive Director and Co-founder of the Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America. Without a cure, this patient advocate collaborated with researchers from Mt. Sinai, and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and catalyzed a growing patient advocacy movement that drives information exchange, physician education, […]

Preparing the Next Generation of Minority Students for Careers in Clinical Research and Medicine

About Dr. Reynold Verret Dr. Reynold Verret is the president of Xavier University of Louisiana, one of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities. He speaks here about mentoring and educating the next generation of health care and clinical research professionals from minority communities. Xavier University has a long history of transforming the lives of those […]

The All of Us Research Program: An Interview with Dr. Martin Mendoza

About Dr. Martin Mendoza Dr. Mendoza is Director, Health Equity for the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program.  Coming from the Office of Minority Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services where he served as Director of the Division of Policy and Data.  He previously led research on minority health […]

Quantifying the Economic Burden of Rare Diseases on Families and Health Care Systems

Four studies quantify the economic burden of rare diseases. The results show a way forward to saving families and society in excess of $1 trillion. Details in this interview with Annie Kennedy, Chief of Policy, Advocacy, and Patient Engagement with the EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases, and Dr. Joni L. Rutter, Ph.D., Acting Director, NIH, […]

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