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WCG Imaging: Building a Robust World Leader in AI-Powered Clinical Trials

Originally posted on MedTech Outlook.

Beneficial relationships between companies that begin with trust and shared responsibilities ensure the best business outcomes. A similar, well-grounded partnership evolved when WCG acquired an imaging core lab, Instrinsic Imaging, to expand their suite of clinical services and technologies that maximize the speed and efficiency of clinical trials. The newly branded WCG Imaging has moved to the forefront of medical imaging, specifically within the AI space.

WCG recognized numerous challenges perturbing the advancement of the drug and medical device development industry, discerning that deciphering image interpretations is one of the main predicaments. Consequently, WCG Imaging supports the development of AI-assisted workflows aimed to increase productivity, accuracy, speed of image interpretation, and result analytics within desirable timeframes.

“The combination of our quality management system, AI specialization and experience, and 600 board-certified fellowship-trained physicians has made us a world leader in AI and CAD trials.”

Bryan Wayne, Vice President of Imaging Operations at WCG

Through its full-service medical imaging core lab, WCG offers support for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies in their research and development, including a focus on AI-driven clinical trials.

WCG is an ISO 13485-certified company offering imaging core lab services for medical devices. Its expertise lies in executing class one, two, and three medical devices supporting 510(k) and premarket approval (PMA) clearances. The services include study management, site management, data collection protocol development to ensure consistent performance throughout a study, and imaging charter development. WCG’s experience spans all modality types, including ultrasound, contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM), PET, and other cutting-edge technologies and practices.

A key part of the WCG process is to learn a client’s goals and identify where their pain points lie. WCG recently conducted a mammography study where 24 radiologists were asked to read 300 cases, with and without the aid of AI. Approximately 14,000 readings were recorded within a three-month period.

An important element that drives WCG is the belief that combining radiomics – the extraction of mineable data from medical imaging – with other clinical data is the way of the future. Over the course of its 50-year history, WCG has positioned itself as a “servant to mankind.” Using cutting-edge scientific knowledge and patented technology, it aims to fundamentally advance breakthroughs that save lives. It affordably streamlines the delivery of effective therapies for patients by aiding in the improvement of clinical trials processes. Since 2012, over 5,000 biopharmaceutical businesses and CROs, 10,000 research locations, and an unprecedented number of patients have benefited from WCG’s end-to-end solutions.