Webinar: Aligning Sponsors, CROs, and Research Sites for Faster Study Start-Up

About the Webinar

When study start-up is delayed, sponsors, CROs, research sites, and ultimately participants are negatively impacted. Moreover, study start-up frequently encounters delays, and there are many obstacles that can contribute to these setbacks. Fortunately, WCG has industry-leading experience in overcoming these challenges, and, in our recorded webinar, our experts provide best practices so that sponsors, CROs, and sites can work together more effectively and efficiently.

Discover study start-up best practices, including:

  • Identifying the best sites for your study.
  • Standing out among all the sites. 
  • Preparing your site for a successful trial.
  • Leveraging a central IRB. 
  • Implementing quality training.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar