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What’s Next for Clinical Trial Recruitment and Engagement?

How Sponsors can Accelerate Studies by Capitalizing on Clinical Trial Awareness Trends

Enrollment and recruitment remain a challenge for many sponsors and increased public attention to trials adds another layer of complexity that must be managed.

The good news – if higher awareness is properly supported, it could bolster interest in clinical trials. However, at the same time, politicization and misinformation can set good intentions back.

WCG teamed up with BioPharma Dive to develop an article that discusses this. In this piece, WCG experts share their unique perspectives on the evolving behaviors and what it means for sponsors.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding participant motivations
  • Key opportunities for sponsors to capitalize on those trends for improved enrollment
  • Why you need to educate and empower participants
  • How the right technology platform can help

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