Webinar: Why It Is Crucial to Choose the Right IRB Review Partner

Hosted by: WCG

About the Webinar

Is your study delayed by unpredictable IRB reviews? Are you interested in learning more about how to streamline IRB processes? How can you leverage your Client Partnership Director and WCG’s IRB expertise?

Watch our IRB focused webinar during which an expert panel will delve into how a consultative approach to IRB review ensures the quickest activation; how WCG’s IRB operations work; and what is the role of WCG’s Client Partnership Director. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to discover how your study’s IRB reviews can maximize speed while maintaining quality.

Meet the Speakers

Mike Cioffi, Senior VP, Clinical Solutions & Strategic Partnering

Matthew Staves, Senior VP, Operations, Review Solutions

Megan Aiken, Client Partnership Director