Even before the creation of ERGs, Brittani was an active voice in the diversity and inclusion discussion in the clinical research industry and at WCG. For example, with two of her colleagues, she coauthored an industry whitepaper on clinical trial diversity.

As co-chair of the Black Women of WCG ERG, she works with members to “develop multiple outlets to bring forth the voices and experiences of Black women in the clinical research industry and corporate spaces.” She brings a broad perspective to all these efforts: Brittani has been part of WCG since 2013.

One of the reasons she took on this leadership role was to make sure the important discussions took place. “There are so many conversations that are meant to be had to educate others about the natural leadership and talent that is underappreciated in corporate America.”

The role dovetails into her passion for mentoring. “As a mentor, I enjoy building up my mentee’s confidence in themselves. That it is okay to speak up for what is important to them in their careers. The worst thing someone can say to you is ‘no.’ And a ‘no’ should not stop you from striving for the better.”

She serves as an Expedited Reviewer for the Ethical Review Division and currently leads an Expedited New Protocol Quality audit project. “My career at WCG has given me the opportunity to deepen my leadership skills by being able to advance in the company and learning how to advocate for myself and others.”

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