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Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS

Chief Science Officer, WCG Analgesic Solutions


Dr. Nathaniel Katz is considered one of the leading experts of treatment and clinical study design in pain clinical trials. He is a neurologist and pain management specialist with a distinguished career at Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. From 2000-2004 he served as Chair of the Advisory Committee, Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Addiction Products Division, United States FDA, during which time he completed a Master of Science in Biostatistics at Columbia University.

Dr. Katz founded Analgesic Solutions with the mission of modernizing the design and conduct of pain clinical trials to advance the “scientific quality” of pain clinical research, and empower effective treatments for patients. He is the Chief Science Officer at WCG Analgesic Solutions.

Dr. Katz’s holds the position of Adjunct Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Tufts School of Medicine. He has completed numerous clinical trials of treatments for pain, both industry-initiated and investigator-initiated, involving pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceutical analgesics and devices, and has also conducted studies related to opioids, pain, addiction, and other issues related to opioid therapy. Dr. Katz was an Associate Editor at the Clinical Journal of Pain, and Associate Editor (Pain) for the Encyclopedia of Neurological Sciences.

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