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Sangeeta Raina, Ph.D.

Research Associate, ICON Clinical Research


Sangeeta Raina, Ph.D. is a Biosafety Analyst with WCG IBC Services, a role in which she works directly with research sites to advise them on best biosafety practices and prepare them for IBC review. Sangeeta has an extensive clinical research background, working as a Clinical Research Data manager at Thomas Jefferson University and a Study Startup Associate at ICON Clinical Research before joining WCG in 2015 as an IRB Expedited Reviewer.

Sangeeta received her MS in Medical Microbiology from BJ Medical College at Sassoon General Hospital (Pune, India) in 2001, was honored with a Senior Research Fellowship from the Indian Council of Medical Research in 2005, and obtained her PhD in Microbiology from Pune University (Pune, India) in 2010. Her prior research interests include studying diarrheal pathogens in HIV-positive patients and exploring the biodiversity and antimicrobial properties of actinomycetes bacteria found in the environment.

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