Clinical Rater Assessment

Mitigate the risks of bias, variability and human error in your trial through a powerful combination of scientific services and technology

WCG MedAvante-ProPhase’s Clinical Rater Assessments apply our scientific expertise with measurement science and signal detection to address the root causes of failed trials. We provide services that mitigate the risks of bias, variability and human error, while our Virgil Platform technology enables the seamless, integrated delivery of each service.

This powerful hybrid of expertise and technology is helping sponsors achieve an 80% reduction in error rates for endpoints by utilizing Independent Ratings, Independent Review, and Rater Qualification and Certification.

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Maximize signal detection with Independent Ratings

Independent Ratings is a comprehensive, customized solution that protects sponsors against bias and variability to find the root causes of inconclusive trial results. In having pioneered the methodology over a decade ago, WCG has completed more than 60 Independent Ratings studies, and our expert Independent Raters have achieved the highest inter-rater reliability in the industry.

WCG’s Independent Raters remotely conduct live clinical assessments of subjects at study sites and are trained to a single standard, monitored and calibrated with one another to minimize variability. And because they are remote, Independent Raters are less subject to biases that may dampen signal detection. They are “blinded” to protocol details and subject history, and are uninfluenced by repeated contact with subjects.

Improve data quality with Independent Reviews

Independent Review is a rigorous monitoring service in which our highly qualified, experienced clinicians review selected assessments that were administered by site raters. This post-hoc analysis facilitates real-time data review and helps keep your study on track.

Our expert clinician raters are trained to meet an exacting standard of uniformity, and we provide stringent guidelines for conducting Independent Reviews. This process helps sponsors improve the quality of data collected throughout the study- from screening to baseline and endpoint.

Ensure consistent scoring with rater qualification and certification

WCG’s MedAvante-ProPhase delivers highly flexible training based on years of clinical expertise and extensive trial experience, firmly grounded in proven concepts of adult learning.

The training team includes clinical and psychometric experts, as well as authors of widely used rating scale instruments. We have trained thousands of raters for trials around the world in a variety of therapeutic areas. Our multi-language eLearning Center is online 24/7 and fully compliant with CFR part 21, allowing continuous opportunities for additional self-training or refreshers – which are especially useful during long studies with high turnover.

Clinical services that are enhanced and integrated with powerful eSource technology

Virgil, the WCG eSource platform, provides digital clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) and data management for clinical trials. From data entry to visit upload, Virgil fits seamlessly and easily into workflow at the study site while maximizing the potential of the data while minimizing the possibility of error. Virgil is built to ensure trial data is secure, accurate and complete.

Virgil incorporates clinical guidance for each assessment scale to ensure results are standardized across raters. Delivered on web-based and tablet devices, the Virgil Platform includes:

  • A site application to manage subject visits, administer and score rating scale instruments
  • A web-based portal to centralize and review high-level data from sites
  • An app for patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), clinician-reported outcomes (ClinRO), and Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsRO)

The Virgil platform has been used for hundreds of thousands of subject assessments in clinical trials around the world. Our source data is reliable and has been accepted by the FDA and EMA in successful drug applications.

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WCG Clinical Rater Assessment is powered by MedAvante-ProPhase

The planning and execution of clinical research demands deep consideration. From protocol design to scale selection, every decision matters. Each choice can strengthen or erode the integrity of data collected, and this is especially true in the therapeutic area of central nervous system (CNS).

Backed by a cadre of scientific leaders, the role of MedAvante-ProPhase is to maximize the validity and reliability of trial data to ensure clinical trial conduct and design is scientifically sound.

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Apply deep scientific expertise to optimize the quality of your clinical trial rater data

Our clinical expertise and record of combining scientific innovation with digital capabilities is rooted in years of experience working with some of the most challenging of clinical trial outcomes.

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