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Flexible and scalable Research Professional support services

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Study success requires dedicated resources, enhanced processes, purpose-built tools, and managed personnel – and we are here to help.

In the current clinical research environment, study demands continue to grow more intricate – new procedures, more amendments, complex data points, and challenging patient requirements. And clinical research sites are finding they need more dedicated resources, specialized skills, enhanced processes, and purpose-built tools than ever before in order to achieve study success.

WCG’s Research Professional Augmentation Solutions provides customized support for your site’s specific study protocols, patient population, and existing staff to help accelerate your trials.

Flexible & Scalable Research Professional Support

We know that growing and maintaining a clinical research program requires specialized skills and scalable resources. Our on-site or remote Research Professionals can perform a multitude of tasks required for your trials, including:

  • Site Operational Support
  • Recruitment Acceleration and Enrollment
  • Data Entry and Query Resolution
  • Study Maintenance: Patient Retention and Management
  • IRB and Regulatory Support

WCG Research Professionals can help your site address growing study complexity, allowing your team to continue to focus on what matters the most – your patients.

Benefits of our Research Professionals Services

Build an adaptable, expert research team

Increase confidence for study complexity

Meet sponsor needs and internal business goals

Get ready to re-imagine your research program with flexible, scalable support.

WCG has been a trusted partner in advancing clinical trial success for over 50 years. Our dedicated team and subject matter experts offer deep experience plus fresh insights to revolutionize clinical trials. Complete this form to get started.