Remote Assessments

Ensure continuity of data collection and maintain the scientific integrity of your study with Remote Assessments.

Assess patients from anywhere

In response to COVID-19, many sponsors have switched from in-clinic visits to assessing trial participants remotely, which allows clinical trials to be completed without undue delay. However, this shift is causing concerns about the reliability of patient-reported and clinician-reported data.

WCG Remote Assessments address these worries by providing access to a secure video conferencing service that enables sites to continue assessing subjects visually via the web. Such services must be privacy-compliant and user-friendly. Ours is both.

This easy-to-implement solution is HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant. Connections are encrypted, recording and video sharing capabilities are disabled, and the IP address is blocked.

Meet patients and clinicians where they are

Most patients and clinicians routinely use smartphones, smart TVs, and other sophisticated technology every day. WCG’s Remote Assessments is compatible with these devices, allowing clinicians to capture vital outcomes and administer scientifically validated, HIPAA-compliant scales.

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Continue essential data collection without compromising your clinical trial’s data integrity

Our experienced team is ready to support your needs in bridging the gap from previous data collection methodologies to new forms of data generated in remote and on-site environments. Use the form to schedule a consultation.