Remote Assessments

Continuously detect, assess, and correct vulnerabilities to primary or subjective endpoints during the COVID-19 pandemic with HIPAA-compliant remote outcomes, outlier analytics, and timely, targeted interventions.

Maintain scientific validity during the pandemic

There’s been a dramatic shift to remote capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Trial sites are increasingly overwhelmed, patients are staying home. This abrupt and dramatic transition has prompted real concerns as to the reliability of patient-reported and clinician-reported data. How are sponsors supposed to minimize variability and maintain scientifically valid data before, during, and after this crisis?

WCG’s Remote Assessments leverage the expertise of WCG scientists and the proprietary WCG database of experienced clinicians to minimize bias and human error at a moment when primary and subjective endpoints may be at their most vulnerable.

Continuously protect against endpoint vulnerability

Many patients and clinicians routinely use smartphones, smart TVs and other sophisticated technology on a daily basis.

WCG’s Remote Assessments use such devices to capture vital outcomes and administer scientifically validated, HIPAA-compliant scales via phone and/or video as they pertain to primary and subjective endpoints and other specific scales. Sponsors are informed at once when an outlier might negatively impact primary and/or subjective endpoints. And timely interventions act to counter undesirable ramifications along the way.

Here’s how Remote Assessments can help your clinical trial outcomes during this moment of crisis:

Remote Outcomes

Capture reliable, scientifically valid, HIPAA-compliant outcomes

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Outlier Analytics

Receive continuous reports on outliers that could hinder your clinical trial

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Timely, Targeted Interventions

Incorporate training on proper assessment completion where scientific rigor may be compromised

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