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Why more institutions choose IRBNet to manage ethical review

There’s a powerful reason WCG’s IRBNet supports some 2,300 IRBs and 250,000 individual users—more than any other automated human research review solution: IRBNet makes managing IRBs more efficient, easier to use and less expensive.

Because IRBNet is an extremely robust and scalable tool, it’s likely the only software your institution will ever need. The platform is flexible and affordable enough to handle the needs of small institutions, but it also operates the technology infrastructure of the largest research compliance network in existence.

Because IRBNet is in the cloud, you’ll find it extremely easy to use, quick to implement and inexpensive to maintain—eliminating the need for investments in hardware or IT development and support.

Reasons WCG’s IRBNet is the leader in distributed compliance oversight

Since its inception in 2005, IRBNet has achieved superiority in streamlining the IRB process, reducing costs, eliminating research errors, increasing process transparency and improving data reporting. Today it offers you five benefits unmatched in the marketplace:

Speed of implementation: Instead of a six to eight month implementation period, your investigators, Board, and research administrators will be using IRBNet within 90-120 days.

Security and integrity: IRBNet is hosted at a secure, enterprise-class data center that complies with strict requirements of all our members, including the U.S. government.

Software as a Service (SaaS): IRBNet can be personalized to your internal workflow. No software is required on your local server or network, no local IT personnel are needed to keep the system running.

Economical: IRBNet is far more affordable than the more cumbersome, less flexible solutions. For institutions that use WCG IRB for external reviews, the technology solution may be provided at no cost.

World-class customer service: There’s no waiting with IRBNet—you have direct access to our superb, responsive support team at no additional cost.

When you specify WCG’s IRBNet, you align with the world leader in human research protection

IRBNet is the only eIRB solution integrated with WCG—an organization with a history and track record of unsurpassed commitment to human research protection and the advancement of the science of human health.

In addition to IRBNet, WCG is a leader in facilitating and expediting clinical trials, most notably through WCG IRB—the most experienced and trusted IRB partner to hospitals, healthcare systems, and Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) in North America.

WCG also supports clinical study research through its Scientific Review, Patient Engagement, Site Activation, Ethical & Regulatory and Market Insights services.

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