Safety Portal

Achieve flawless inspections and reduced distribution costs

Distributing safety documents to appropriate clinical trial stakeholders using traditional systems can put a costly, time-consuming—and unnecessary—burden on study sponsors.

While manual and semi-automated safety letter distribution approaches yield wasted effort, time and expense, WCG’s Safety Portal eliminates these inefficiencies and allows investigators to focus on patient well-being:

  • End over-distribution. WCG’s Safety Portal automatically pinpoints which stakeholders need to receive each document, so you never over-distribute. This cuts unnecessary expense and reduces wasted time, since your recipients no longer have to process unneeded documents.
  • Ensure you meet global regulations. Regulations specifying distribution procedures for safety documents vary from country to country, and they often change frequently—making it difficult to track and respond reliably. Safety Portal tracks and distributes according to regulations globally, so your document distribution is always compliant.
  • Avoid regulatory missteps. Errors in document distribution can trigger regulatory penalties, such as shutting down or delaying a study. Safety Portal helps ensure impeccable compliance—keeping your patients safe and your study on track to timely completion.

By thoroughly automating your safety document distribution process, WCG’s Safety Portal can reduce distribution costs by 50% or more. In addition, since Safety Portal digitizes document distribution—and harmonizes distribution regulations for 110 countries—sponsors and CROs acquire ironclad record keeping, process control and inspection readiness.

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Automate document distribution to improve speed, accuracy and patient safety

WCG’s Safety Portal not only streamlines safety letter distribution, but also ensures that only those who need to see any given document receive it. This efficiency reduces wasted time and expense, and it improves site response to safety notices.

In short, Safety Portal resolves nearly every obstacle to efficient safety document distribution end to end. It delivers substantial cost savings, significant reductions in time wasted and virtually error-free compliance with global regulatory requirements. Most importantly, patients are always protected by up-to-the-minute safety guidance.

Eliminate waste

Safety Portal helps sponsors and CROs categorize safety reports granularly, so they’re matched precisely to recipients’ need-to-know.

Monitor global regulations in real time

WCG’s Safety Portal permits automated, continuous monitoring of regulatory distribution requirements for 110 countries, so you’re always compliant for every site.

Accountable processes

Documents are distributed immediately, securely and cost-effectively—all within a tight, trackable system allows you to monitor distribution instantly—and remain audit-ready day and night.

The most highly evolved—and safest—document distribution platform


WCG pioneered automated safety document distribution in partnership with a top-five pharmaceutical firm in 2011 in order to reduce costs and improve compliance globally. Since then, this sponsor has saved more than $250 million in distribution costs. The Safety Portal platform has distributed 100 million safety reports, supported more than 6,000 studies, and dynamically tracks changing regulations in 110 countries worldwide.

This rigorous field experience has only increased the ability of Safety Portal over the years to reduce costs, smooth ease of use and minimize compliance risk, as well as bolster accountability and process control.

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