WCG SafetyPortal™

Global safety document distribution with real-time delivery, automated viewer tracking and robust reporting capabilities.

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Achieve flawless inspections and reduced distribution costs

WCG’s SafetyPortal not only streamlines safety report distribution, but also ensures that only those who need to see any given document receive it. This efficiency reduces wasted time and expense, and improves sites’ experience with safety notices.

“This is a seriously phenomenal pharmacovigilance system compared to other sponsor processes.”
– Primary Investigator, Columbia University

SafetyPortal resolves nearly every obstacle to efficient safety document distribution. It delivers substantial cost savings, significantly reduces time wasted, and provides error-free compliance with global regulatory requirements. Most importantly, patients are always protected by up-to-the-minute safety guidance.

The SafetyPortal platform has distributed more than 175 million safety reports, supported more than 6,000 studies, and dynamically tracks changing regulations in 110 countries worldwide.

175m safety reports distributed
110 country regulations supported
$250m more than $250 million saved by Safety Portal users

Automate document distribution to improve speed, accuracy and patient safety


Eliminate Waste

SafetyPortal helps sponsors and CROs categorize safety reports granularly, so they’re matched precisely to recipients based on local country laws.

Monitor Global Regulations in Real Time

SafetyPortal permits automated, continuous monitoring of regulatory distribution requirements for 110 countries, so you’re always compliant for every site.

Accountable Processes

SafetyPortal distributes documents immediately, securely and cost-effectively, all within a tight, trackable system. This allows you to monitor distribution instantly, and remain audit-ready day and night.

The most highly evolved—and safest—document distribution platform

AI-Driven Rules Engine

WCG SafetyPortal utilizes built-in regulatory intelligence for 110 countries, guaranteeing that Sites, IRBs and IECs around the world receive appropriate distributions.

Blinded and un-blinded distributions

SafetyPortal accelerates the distribution and tracking of safety documents, including blinded and un-blinded.

Simplify site compliance

SafetyPortal supports sites in maintaining compliance through access and view tracking.

Improve quality oversight

SafetyPortal drives inspection readiness with a defined Quality Control process.

Featured Case Studies


Roche has used SafetyPortal since 2011 in order to reduce costs and improve compliance globally.

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Since 2014, SafetyPortal has powered all safety reporting at Celgene across 250 studies for 11,000 users, sending out more than 10 million distributions.


Covance has used SafetyPortal on more than 150 Roche and Chiltern studies, measuring a 50% improvement in efficiency when taking stopwatch timings of every step in the distribution process.

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