Safety Reporting Solutions

Centralized and automated safety document distribution solution that delivers millions of dollars in annual cost savings, reduction in site burden, and error-free compliance with global regulatory requirements in over 110 countries.

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Achieve flawless inspections and reduce unnecessary safety letter distribution costs

WCG’s Safety Reporting Solutions not only streamline safety report distribution, but also ensure that only those who need to see any given document receive it. This efficiency reduces wasted time and expense and improves sites’ experience with safety letters.

“We engaged WCG in 2017 to develop an enterprise approach to safety letter delivery for increased compliance while simultaneously reducing the amount of administrative burden facing the Pharmacovigilance team. The results have been significant: enterprise compliance increased from 30% to 92% within 18 months.” —VP, Top Pharma Client

WCG’s Safety Reporting Solutions allow biopharma companies and CROs to notify investigators and ethics committees of Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (SUSARs) in a globally compliant, centralized, and automated process.

The industry’s leading safety distribution platform distributes over 300,000 safety letters daily, having supported over 315 sponsors and CROs, saving them over $1 billion in wasted spending.

300k Safety reports distributed daily
110+ Country regulations supported
$1b+ More than $1 Billion saved by our clients

Take Control of Your Safety Letter Distribution Process


Eliminate Overdistribution and Reduce Site Burden

WCG’s Safety Reporting Solutions help sponsors and CROs send safety reports precisely to recipients based on local country laws, eliminating over-distribution and duplication, making critical safety information easy to find and minimizing investigator training time.

Increase Compliance

WCG’s Safety Reporting Solutions distribute documents immediately, securely and cost-effectively, all within a tight, trackable system. This allows you to monitor distribution instantly, and remain inspection-ready day and night. With automated, continuous monitoring of regulatory distribution requirements for over 110 countries, you’re always compliant for every site.

Deliver Substantial Cost Savings

Safety reporting is one of the largest hidden costs in the clinical trial industry. By streamlining their safety letter distribution process and eliminating overdistribution, our clients are realizing cost savings of up to $60k/study.

Client Experiences


Major Japanese Pharmaceutical Sponsor Achieves a 62% increase in enterprise compliance within 18 months.
Read the Case Study.


Top Pharma Client Achieves a 41% decrease in safety letter distribution and $8.4 million in cost reduction in 7 months. Read the Case Study.

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