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On-demand access to the industry’s largest network of medical, clinical, and statistical experts for your study.

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A single-source expert scientific review solution helps assure your Study stays on track

By combining expert scientific committee and safety data review experience across hundreds of clinical trials with a global knowledge base of 95% of all industry-sponsored protocols, WCG Scientific & Regulatory services provide sponsors and CROs unmatched scientific competence and real-time access to assure every stage of your studies is achieving key clinical objectives.

100,000 adjudicated more than 100,000 patients & 70,000 endpoints
110 countries supported with automatic regulation compliance
950+ global network of clinical experts

Ensure your safety data is inspection ready.

Reduce the cost and time of safety reporting.

Achieve quality clinical trial outcomes.

WCG Scientific & Regulatory service is built on industry best-in-class companies:

WCG’s unmatched expertise ensures data integrity and dramatically reduces risk

Only WCG provides sponsors and CROs such a comprehensive combination of expert review services—including Trial Design and Protocol Design Planning, Data Monitoring Committees, Endpoint Adjudication, Imaging Core Lab Services, and Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance—under one roof.

When you choose WCG, you gain not only a broad range of scientific review and pharmacovigilance services, but also our astute judgment as to best compliance practices and state-of-the-art technology applied to your safety processes.

Trust the scientific foundation of your clinical trial to global experience and advanced technology

You can rely on WCG because our team has been involved for decades in the pre- and post-approval process and are experts at avoiding the inherent hazards involved in bringing pharmaceutical products to market. Most importantly, we’ve gained incomparable knowledge about how proactively to mitigate these risks and protect your investment.

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