Site Training

A training system that streamlines and economizes GCP compliance

A highly efficient, smoothly run training program for clinical site personnel ensures that you’re in full compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) requirements—and that your clinical study speeds forward.

As the first online learning solution designed exclusively for clinical sites, WCG’s fully automated, 24/7 online Learning Management System (LMS) cuts significant complexity, time and expense from your training challenge.

Since the advent of the WCG LMS, our continuous investment in learning technology has extended our training leadership. This LMS makes testing, tracking and reporting consistent, simple and straightforward—and 90% less expensive than old-fashioned, face-to-face approaches.

Get the confidence of using the industry’s leading clinical trial training platform

Proven & Optimized

The WCG LMS was the first online learning management system for training clinical trial staff, resulting in more experience and refinement over the last 16 years than any other system.


Sponsors and CROs have chosen WCG LMS to train and qualify staff—and to speed their pace of clinical trials—at more than 130,000 sites in 110 countries.

Wide Therapeutic Coverage

The WCG LMS has accomplished more than 1.2 million course completions across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

The WCG LMS helps you meet every clinical trial training compliance requirement

Because WCG’s LMS is designed specifically for clinical learning, it delivers just-in-time, role-based training, ensuring that all site personnel are trained consistently without waste or redundancy. It also means staff can proceed rapidly to their assigned tasks.

  • Generates complete, real-time training reports, so study teams can easily monitor and manage sites’ training progress
  • Tracks and integrates “outside” training for qualification and compliance purposes and supports online meetings, eLearning and instructor-led events
  • Automatically generates certificates to document training completion, ensuring you’re always audit-ready
  • Is fully SCORM-compliant—you can record or reuse any training and anyone, anywhere can receive this standardized training
  • The LMS is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and our GCP Training Course is TransCelerate approved—ensuring you meet all GCP requirements

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