Identify more patients for your clinical trials through personalized, study-specific advertising campaigns

WCG Study Advertising services help institutions and independent research sites find qualified patients for their clinical trials through local, study-specific patient recruitment advertising campaigns.

Whatever the indication or target population, we work with you to customize a patient recruitment campaign tailored to your needs, and best of all, there are no out-of-pocket costs to use our services. From strategy to execution, we help you make the study advertising and patient recruitment process easy and effective.

We streamline IRB and sponsor approval of all advertising materials

Our multi-channel approach reaches your target audience at the right place and time

Our established relationships with media vendors ensures the best rates

Study Advertising in Action:



We perform
market research
specific to your
site, indication,
and budget.



We create a
customized patient
campaign strategy.



We design customized
advertising materials
and manage all
Sponsor & IRB



We handle the
placement of all
media tactics along
with referral tracking
sent to site.



We provide
performance metrics
to your site throughout
the duration of the

Real Results from WCG Clients:

  • 156 referrals for an OA of the knee study in San Antonio, TX
  • 43 referrals for a Rheumatoid Arthritis Study in Houston, TX
  • 32 referrals for an Atopic Dermatitis study in New York, NY
  • 40 referrals for a Type 2 Diabetes study in Los Angeles, CA
  • 17 referrals for an Alzheimer’s Disease study in Miami, FL
  • 36 referrals for a COPD study in Valparaiso, IN
Doctor meeting with patient.

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