Study Marketing

When your time-sensitive study needs more patients than your site can provide, it’s time to engage WCG ThreeWire’s Study Marketing

If your site’s known patient base is insufficient to meet your clinical study’s requirements—and time is pressing—WCG ThreeWire’s Study Marketing services give you the media resources and marketing expertise necessary to put and keep patient recruiting on schedule.

No matter what your therapeutic approach, WCG ThreeWire provides an unmatched experience in devising high-impact media and community marketing for patient recruitment.

We stand behind our commitment to cost-effective recruitment with optional performance-based pricing—so you only pay for the results you’re seeking: Enrolled patients.

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Field-tested media, creative and patient outreach services that speed your enrollment

Enrollment shortfalls stem from a variety of challenges: special or limited patient populations; recruiting from difficult geographical locations; or simply unforeseen delays. Chances are WCG ThreeWire has encountered similar challenges… and successfully overcame them.

Because clinical-study time is precious, we stand ready to respond rapidly to your particular circumstances and apply the most targeted and cost-effective media outreach strategies available to immediately generate a flow of qualified patient candidates.

Depending on your study parameters, we can develop appropriate broadcast, print, and digital campaigns including social media and a study website. Our impactful creative strategies have been honed over nearly two decades to generate exceptional responses.

To achieve even greater targeting, our Community Health Talks® — invitation-only seminars for pre-qualified candidates—generate an average of over 90% conversion of attendees who request an office screening visit.

WCG Study Marketing is powered by ThreeWire

Meeting patient targets quickly, and retaining them to last-visit, is one of the largest challenges today in running a clinical trial. In fact, 20-25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets.

The team at ThreeWire helps sponsors and CROs overcome these challenges by focusing recruitment efforts where they’re needed most: at the site level. By combining a dedicated on-the-ground resource with a customized site recruitment strategy, enrollment becomes focused, effective and streamlined so that clinical studies begin and stay on schedule.

Study Marketing services deliver extraordinary patient enrollment results affordably

We offer your study unmatched clinical trial experience and recruitment expertise—both supported by proprietary management solutions to ensure exceptional recruiting speed, high candidate quality and cost-effective performance.

As our Study Marketing service begins generating patient interest for your trial, the staff at our Patient Interaction Center®—a proprietary, 24/7 call center—fields queries from interested patients, informs them via an IRB-approved script, then sensitively screens, qualifies, and readies them for enrollment.

In addition, our ThreeWire approach is accountable. Using our proprietary® database, you’re able to monitor every stage of your site’s patient identification and recruitment progress—in real time at the most granular level possible—so you always feel in control.

Above all, only our ThreeWire can support you with a seamless end-to-end patient enrollment process—ranging from Chart Review, Study Marketing, and Pre-Screening to Site Screening, Enrollment, and Retention.

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