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A simple, web-based solution for all clinical research management needs.

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A streamlined solution for optimizing your site research program

Today’s clinical research sites face significant challenges:

  • Manual, outdated, or siloed data that multiplies site efforts
  • Increased competition to acquire industry-sponsored studies
  • Lack robust infrastructure to sustain their research portfolio

Velos eResearch eXpress is a Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) built to solve these challenges for research sites conducting industry-sponsored clinical trials. It provides visibility, control and compliance across all aspects of the clinical trials process, including study administration, patient and financial management, budgets, and invoicing.

The turn-key, cloud-based CTMS is enhanced with additional site-based WCG services to help ensure that research organizations remain competitive.

2,000 Trusted by more than 2,000 research sites.
25,000 Used to manage more than 25,000 studies.
500k More than 500,000 participants tracked.

Increase research profitability

eResearch eXpress improves clinical trial profitability by increasing research capacity and providing financial visibility, control, and operational oversight.

Implement in days

eResearch eXpress is a turn-key solution that can be configured and launched in just a few days.

Secure cloud platform

eResearch eXpress is a scalable cloud solution, providing secure and compliant access via web browsers.

Improve data quality and compliance

eResearch eXpress helps you improve your data quality, and is engineered to support HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Powerful integrations

eResearch eXpress reduces data silos and site burden by integrating with the leading central IRB, standard APIs, and professional service offerings.

Gold standard configuration

eResearch eXpress was adapted from 20 years of experience with the Velos industry-recognized enterprise platform to enable fast start-up and turn-key use by clients.

Clinical research management, simplified.

Patient and Subject Management

eResearch eXpress makes patient management more efficient by helping you do the right thing at the right time:

  • Create interactive, detailed study and patient calendars
  • Track studies from approval to close-out
  • Streamline patient registry, scheduling, monitoring and follow-up
  • Record visits, get timely notifications, and reduce deviations

A simple Study Patient Roster also allows coordinators to manage multiple, freguently-used functions related to study participants and their schedules, all from one page. The convenient roster enables coordinators to view and manage patient schedules, and add or link new patients to a study.


Information becomes power with the industry’s most advanced reporting solution:

  • 100 out-of-the-box reports
  • Create unlimited ad-hoc queries
  • Improve information accuracy
  • Effortlessly share reports with study teams, groups, and organizations.

Financial Management

Improve financial performance with a comprehensive financial module:

  • Check financial feasibility of each study
  • Ensure prompt, accurate invoicing
  • Reduce improper billing and get paid for each completed task
  • Track current revenue and forecast anticipated revenue

Why research sites choose Velos eResearch

The Velos eResearch platform is a robust and proven Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), used by more than 2,000 of the most prominent research sites, and optimized from 20+ years of industry experience.  

It offers a gold standard, out-of-the box solution with best practices functionality, with quick and low-cost implementation and training.

The Velos eResearch platform is also the only solution that offers access to:

  • Optional budget and contracting services
  • Site-based services to ensure participant recruitment and retention solutions
  • Multiple research communities, including an annual user conference, WCG MAGI clinical research professional conferences, and the WCG Global Research Network
  • Thought leadership and knowledge sharing from industry-leading publications CenterWatch and FDANews

Combined, the platform helps research sites increase profitability in more ways than creating efficiencies: we help you increase study volume while minimizing cost.

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