Documentation Support

Ensure study data is effectively reviewed, collected, entered, and verified within your study’s timeline.

As study endpoints rise in number, the time required to document that data increases.

Documentation is the critical process of converting all of your sites and participants’ time and efforts into data that could transform future treatments. The work required to capture study data is interconnected with the overall journey and is not simply a byproduct, but rather an integral part of measuring study success.

Entering all that study data consumes time. Additionally, attending to any necessary queries further increases the workload. Let WCG’s dedicated Clinical Professional Team alleviate that burden for your study sites, so you get the study endpoints you need on time.


Global Oncology Study Meets Data Lock Timelines with WCG


Data lock timelines for an oncology basket trial, to determine the effectiveness of the study drug with or without other anticancer therapies, needed to be met. Given the complexity of the trial, data entry and query resolution was a primary concern.


Dedicated CRC support was deployed to ensure timely and accurate data verification and entry with query resolution. With the additional support, the site was able to turn focus to other study tasks.



queries resolved


pages entered

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